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Safety Policy

Safety is everyone’s concern. Please be conscious of the safety of others as well as yourself. Report any safety issues to the site leader or a construction staff member. Do no perform a construction task if you are not sure how to do it safely. Do not perform construction tasks you are not comfortable with or are not physically able to perform.

General guidelines for a safe worksite:

 THINK before you do your task.
 If you are uncertain about how to perform a task safely – ASK THE SITE LEADER OR STAFF.
 Concentrate on your task and eliminate distractions.
 First aid kits are located in every trailer. See the site support volunteer if you need first-aid supplies.
 Inspect all power tools, hand tools, ladders and scaffolding before using them.
 Advise the site leader or a staff member if you see any unsafe or hazardous situations, materials or conditions.

Safety Equipment:

 It is required to wear safety glasses or goggles at all times on a Habitat worksite.
 Close-toed shoes are required at all Habitat worksites.
 Hard hats need to be worn when instructed by a staff member or site leader.

Power tools and other electrical equipment:

 Only use a power tool once you have been properly instructed on its use.
 Never carry a power tool by its cord.
 Avoid electrical shock by obeying these rules:
o A 3-pronged plug must be used on all electric power tools.
o Extension cords must not have frayed insulation, hang from nails, or suspended from wires.
o All temporary lights must be equipped with non-conductive guards.

Hand tools:

 Always select and use the correct type and size tool for the job.
 Handle and carry tools with care.

Ladders and Scaffolding:

 Inspect a ladder or scaffolding before using it.
 Move your ladder with your work.
 When using an extension ladder, us the “4-to-1” rule. For every 4 feet of height, move the bottom of the ladder one foot away from the wall.
 Place ladders on solid footing only.
 Carry tools and materials in proper carrying devices and keep your hands free for climbing.
 When climbing, always face the ladder.

Clean Work Site:

 A clean work site is a safe work site.
 Clean up all rubbish and scrap materials often.
 Do not allow rubbish or scrap to accumulate on the work site.
 Keep tools and equipment that are not being used put in their proper place.


Habitat’s Safety Goal: